Beautiful day

Yesterday was actually one of the nicest day’s ive had in a while , it started out as usual with the bombardment of the parent’s courtesy of little wookie, we get up put the TV on usually paw patrol or something along the lines of cbeebies , normally keeps them out of my hair for 5 minutes just while I get breakfast sorted ( if I dont bring it out at the same time all hell breaks loose) anyway I go to take hubbs a cup of tea and suggest we go out for breakfast well the kids thought this was a brilliant idea , if you’ve seen Lord of the rings then my two are like merry and pippin  ‘ What about second breakfast ? ‘ yes they had already had brekkie by this point but again doesnt stop them !

So we go out to the Harvester for an all you can eat and a continental for the little uns , and we thought as the day is so nice ( the SUN was shining for once ) we took a wee trundle around town and ended buying some disney DVD’s for little wookie as a treat for being a good girl this week, she has been very helpful lately and brushing her teeth without prompting etc , just as the time was ticking away and certain little ewok’s were in and out of naps we decided to see how they would cope with some fresh sea air down the waterfront and some arcade’s (especially the 2p machines ) we didnt win much but someone enjoyed themselves XD us big kids and the wee one , eventually we made our way home as little people were getting very tired.

We made them a snack and off to bed they went , tuckered out after all that clean air and not watching repeats of show’s again on telly it was lush , as most of you hubbs and I dont get many day’s together these day’s as were always busy with work and nursery stuff and me with housework and beaver’s it was just nice to have a day with my family (not all of them , but that will happen one day ) .

I hope you made the most of the sunshine before we met the ‘beast’ again this weekend x

Blast from the pasts (high school day’s)

Doing a little shopping today and saw a person from the primary school day’s and got me thinking of how far I have come as a person , sure I have my times where I cant help revert back to that girl that was bullied to the point where I thought once or twice running away or worse( sorry but couldnt be helped ) , I couldn’t wrap my head around why they were being nasty to me but I had to fight back otherwise I wouldnt of survived, and wouldnt of met my best friend and adopted sister (she’s like one ) x

I have had one or two people apologise to me in the past about how horrible they were to me and wished they’d spent more time with me and then there are just those who have no idea of what impact they had on me growing up.

But it’s made me stronger and resilient and I have a roof over my head and two beautiful children and husband who have changed my life so much x

Do anyone else have people or persons that they had bully them or just out to make their life miserable? I hope your times were much more pleasant than mine

Blame Game : is 3 the new 2 ( the age of the threenager)

In most relationship’s/marriage’s there comes a time when temper’s are flared and the weight of new parenthood or being an parent again to an new addition can take it’s toll and can bring on the Blame Game as  to who hasnt done the washing up or who’s turn is it to change the baby , or who done bedtime last or the classic who is awake to do the nighttime feed and faking sleep to avoid having to walk down the hall for the tenth time that night.

Also the endless string of nights and long day’s take it’s toll on both of us , as our children continue to grow we are faced with their milestones ( see earlier post ) the one we are currently finding ourselves addressing is the terrible 2’s or so we thought as our little wookie is approaching another year older we’ve had a relatively easy time so far  xx but as the day’s progress the nap time we have decided is no longer happening  and now we are faced with the threenager , an attitude filled little rage monster that doesnt want to share toy’s and hits and screams and basically lay’s down the law to you or try’s ( this mummy and daddy dont relent , thankyou for nursery for the time allowed x .

  • potty training is becoming a nightmare- the mobility was easier
  • tantrums are worse-read above
  • a nit picky eater – have become very fussy lately
  • thankfully speech is not quite there yet but we have a lot of repeated sounds and gestures we dont understand and can cause world war 3
  • even though we spend 1-2-1 time with her she is still fighting to be number 1
  • cutting the sandwich wrong or making the wrong thing completely and having to decipher what they want , and having to explain that sweets or crisps are not proper lunch !
  • Not allowing an extra 5 minutes in the bathtub or splashing everywhere so the floor is covered
  • Telling her they cant go outside due to it raining and having no coat or shoes !
  • Mornings are the most fun and getting to nursery as we want to stay home and stay in blanket x

These are just some of the things we have had to face im sure there is worse to come but i shall be prepared to meet it head on .

Hoping her speech comes along soon we are getting there with some words but need to push more and the dummy fairy needs to visit soon , though will be hard as little ewok still is attached to his.

All over we have been very lucky and blessed with our two and they are not as bad as some children can be, little ewok is only a monster when he is hungry or tired/teething other than that he is the happiest little monkey alive .

How has your experience with your little one been ? Have you survived ? and what was your successes and failures ….did you cut the squares wrong on your toddler’s sandwich lol ?


Nights with friends

Over the years we have had many adventures but the most exciting and enjoyable things recently have been our nights of laughing and overall silliness, hubby discovered a series of games called jack box party and well since then the high jinks have been to the point where we can’t breathe add in a touch of alcohol and who knows what could happen next!! hijinks that is …we be married people ( dirty lot ) x

Moving on …. the games range from question based to interactive to doodling and lots more there are currently 4 packs available.

  • Quiplash– many a fun night playing this and laughs a plenty as have to come up with your own answer’s after being given a prompt/question, the winner is decided by everyone else and audience members , the highest percentage wins
  • Earwax– you are given a prompt by other people and given various sounds , you have to pick 2 which you think match that prompt the results are blind and can be very funny
  • Fibbage – aim of the game bring your best lie to the table and make the others convinced its the truth

Just to name some of our favourites and ones we tend to play most, as these tend to have the most infectious laughter though am greatful for the fact the little ones go down for a sleep as most of the answers we put are so not PG !! some could be called downright disgusting XD we have played cards against humanity and well let’s say we found out who really is the darkhorse of the group !

Otherwise this post makes me thankful for the friend’s we have along the way , once the house is cleaned to a state I am happy with I shall be having more adult company which is needed .

What pasttimes do you guy’s partake in when your children are sleeping and you are allowed to be an adult x ?




Mummy’s day and titles

As Mother’s day is here its made me reflect that Wife, Mother, Daughter -these are just some of the titles I answer to but am starting to feel as if these are the only titles I answer to these days I haven’t felt like myself, taking an little time for myself was the first step but I need to go back to the person I was sometimes before marriage and kids.

I know this is the most understaffed ( 2 parents- nursery if afforded and the help of some pretty awesome nannies ), underpaid (mat leave and benefits) and underappreciated ( the man hours required -some days ranging from 5am to 9pm at night ) and the most rewarding and hardworking job but time to time I am washing clothes, running bath-times , lunches and dinners and making sure there are no cobwebs hiding in nooks and crannies within the living room/bedroom or toys strewn around the stairs or hallways.

I have to know the colour of boogies or whether theyre earwax is the right consistancy for someone of their age and development, and all the while ,

I am just wishing for time to watch my shows or just take an shower or bath without having to talk to my toddler about every subject going,i hate to sound selfish but I need an break once in a while!

This blog has allowed me to regain some of that aspect and control of the person I was before all this, elaborates on these things I have been feeling and makes a bit more sense as to how ive been feeling, such as :

Being surrounded by people all day long while you run errands, take care of business and complete your tasks is lonely because these aren’t adult connections that fulfil you. You may walk among adults, but you are so busy that you don’t have time to spend with them and are craving meaningful connections like you had before children.

The isolation you feel may also be because you aren’t doing anything you enjoy, don’t have a hobby, you are an extrovert and need more social interaction that you currently have and feel isolated from your friends.

Having obligations is part of the game of being a Mom, but having so much to do that that you don’t have time for friendships will make you feel isolated, unsatisfied in your role as Mom and even lonely.

You will find your identity and then it will change again and again, and again. Be flexible and know that whatever parenting stage you are in, will bring new challenges to motherhood and who you are – as a mother, a wife, a woman and a person.

I know these feeling’s happen and is easier said than done to buck up and be a strong person but somedays are harder than others ( I am not wonder woman ) thankful for the friends and family i have down the phone when those days happen and helping me with my sanity x .

I can’t speak higher of my own mother and mother in law who has been a rock for me and our family they have helped us in ways I can’t even begin to express my gratitude or even begin to pay back! And the times I’ve apologised for when I was a child now having two of my own and all the times they’ve driven me round the bend.

Over mother’s day I had gorgeous morning snuggles courtesy of the munchkins, we did breakfast and little wookie helped me make a cup of tea, and helped with my breakfast , unfortunately I had to work and really didnt want to 😦 as it was mother’s day it was terribly quiet, I did get to see my stepson over the weekend aswell even if briefly always make me happy when I get to see him x they made me some paper flowers as even now has come to accept that I cannot look after flower’s to save my skin , I try but i get so caught up in every day tasks I forget to water them, and I got a card written by them which was sweet , looking back nearly 3 years ago if someone said to me I would be a mom of 2 I would of laughed , and the other bonus I managed to get a hot bath without my bum having to touch the tub and then get out again as someone has woken up and wants a cuddle x .

How was your mother’s day ? and what do you feel ? happy/lucky/lonely ? then just message you are not alone

60th blog post !!!

Well here it is I have managed to make it this far and reach my 60th post , though without your continued support and reading these drivel’s I post occasionally it wouldnt be possible and the help and love I get from hubby( he gifted me this year’s subscription) is all very appreciated.

In all this blog has helped me more than I can say as i suffer with stress and anxiety and since having our two I can say i have struggled and cried as I have gone through many things some people shouldn’t and still managing just to come out on top and all the while enjoying the title of mummy (when they say it and not call me daddy) is something so from this blogger a big THANKYOU !!!!

Lets see if we can reach another 60 posts and im pretty sure there are many more adventures me and my family are yet to face so please keep posted and reading away xxx

Buggy’s ( with a partial rant thrown in)

For us parent’s this is the main mode of transport we use for our children until they reach a certain age, or are walking to a standard where we are comfortable enough they are confidant that they dont need to use them anymore.

Having taken a trip in town to sort some stuff out some thought’s i’ve previously had began to resurface, and some of my bug bares reared their ugly head , having to have had to use both kinds of buggy in my time , a single and a double this mommy found that people are not so tolerant of buggy’s around town or on the buses as we like to think , or anywhere for that matter I could go on but ill spare you the read of other potential places where this occurs , what I shall say is this if you have a child that can walk or is old enough please do not leave the buggy unfolded in a space where people with babies who cannot walk yet can go and walk off with said child to a seat and then wonder why people are angry ! and if both spaces are taken up said bus driver do not roll your eyes at me as i struggle to juggle all the stuff I  have with me including having to take my son and out and carry him so he may sit on my lap so we can fold the buggy and find a seat we can sit on without people putting bags on seats so people cant sit down !!! ( and take a breath ) then yes my faith in transport and people shall be restored there was one nice person who offered to help me as other’s sat gawping and wondering why the bus was taking so long .

Anywhoo rant over onto the main subject buggy’s and the main types that are available and which ones are the best for overall safety and rating and what can be considered the best colour or fit for your child/ren personally this mommy’s first buggy was and still is a Graco single in fuchsia I could of gone for green but I already knew we were having a girl and thought it was more appropriate , but this buggy has survived so much and been so many places im surprised it’s still holding together, its been to beaches , museums and many a fine place some less accessible than others (aldeburgh beach ) , and it came part and parcel with the base and car seat at a very decent price £175 in total.

If you are like me and have family members who also have children ive had several items handed down to me and used to great extent, like the aforementioned double buggy which is like manouvring (not sure that’s how that’s spelt)  a tank and gives you biceps for days, again this is a graco and is fairly durable for long haul’s personally I dont know cost but can assume as its large a put load, Ive used once or twice quinny’sand grown a not so fondness for them as found I couldnt stand them, but it all falls down to personal preference in the end.

What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out as a parent, would you tell them to follow their heart , or do the research first ?