Well day no. 4 of little wookie’s morning at preschool and we have come home covered in ink and an assortment of colours :* and a top which I dont remember packing in her bag ???? oh well happy and ready to scarf some lunch provided by mummy inc. typing one handed is becoming a skill quickly learned as little ewok is taking a lot of time and attention from me at the moment xx

What do most mums do when they have that time to fill they clean/tidy or try to keep their children alive by removing another piece of plastic they have picked up and not put in the bin or watch another disney film played out to death on the television. Sometimes the hours you put them in for is not enough time, by the time youve droppped them off your gearing yourself ready to pick them up again and find that the jobs you assigned yourself get left on the layaway due to both of them trying to steal your grilled cheese sandwich ! if anyone else has these issues or any funny anecdotes then by all means please feel free to leave a comment and i shall reply as dilligently as i can or humanly possible.




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