Reviews and blessings

From time to time i shall chuck the odd review here and there ranging from movies to TV and shall chuck in a tip of the day to tide you over and break the mold from just being a mum x and i shall avoid spoilers for those who havent caught up.

Todays movie review starts with

Alice through the looking glass : Overall I rate this as a 4 star

Synopsis: Alice returns to underland to reunite with some new and exciting characters for an adventure through time

Overall thoughts and feelings : A good plot with exciting twists and turns, a joy with characters you can relate and grow with a feel good for the family an highly anticipated sequel for fans of the original and the first film.

Tv review: Great British Bake off and Victoria

GBBO- with the introduction of the new presenters and the absense of Mary Berry , the overall show shows premise and could still be an enjoyable watch though its lacking something that sparkle that drawed me to the series in the first place though i will never be done or over chocolate or delicious pastries.

Victoria – Glad to see this show has returned after an cliffhanger last season which opened our eyes to an another take on the relationship that has spanned time between the monarch Victoria and her love Albert, great performances from all the cast Jenna Coleman delivers an outstanding performance as the Gloriana Regina though Rufus Sewell provides an spanner to the triangle as a potential love interest .

If you have any recommendations as we know some of us mummie’s do enjoy a good binge watch on Netflix these days when our treasures go for those precious nap times then please feel free to leave a comment.




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