Whenever your child/children have done something worthy what do you do to reward them?

Often I find myself saying Good girl/boy and I find it feels like im addressing an dog what other things can you say?

Hubby and I try fist bumps or high fives for when they are being clever or have done something by themself and are most rewards deemed as bribes, after some extensive googling these are some of the things the recommend you use as a reward system.

  1. make an star chart -though add stickers or something fun from time to time
  2. a small toy for toilet training
  3. one of my favourites was making duggee stickers from hey duggee (tv programme)
  4. A sweetie from the shops if weve had a good day at preschool
  5. A present if weve brushed our teeth day and night for 2 weeks
  6. A lucky dip bag

or just type in and find a whole range of reward charts 66b02c273ad73c554f4ddcfabb8998f3--cheap-picture-frames-plastic-picture-frames

  • what things do you do as ever leave a comment x

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