First day back at work

Sorry I’ve been a little behind on my blogs as Thursday was the first official day back at work and some say the peace is nice its not I would rather have the chaos and stress and playtime with my children as there the times I cherish most.

I was debating this on the bus home the other day with another mom and she was telling me she would rather work and that people make it out to be some luxury that they don’t, what do you think are we really better off being stay at home moms or do the benefits outweigh us in the long run really we better off working???

Also the job  I had originally has changed I was moved to another place whilst on maternity as our shop had closed 😦 oh well you go where you must overall it’s just a job something to help keep food on the table.

Are any of you going back to work soon and if so please share your thoughts and feelings.


2 thoughts on “First day back at work

    1. i so look forward to coming home and squeezing my munchkins xx i would enjoy it more if there was more spontanaiety to the job and the adult company is nice and leaves me time when i get home after theyve gone to bed but at the end of the day i cant complain because they pay me


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