Swelling with a headache to swelling with pride

This week I mainly blogged about my children being artist’s and driving me round the bend well walking out and about the other day a lady actually paid them a compliment as we allowed her to pass as I’ve asked them to make space for her our little wookie chimes up with your welcome after the lady has thanked us and she turns and says ‘what lovely children, happy and smiley and polite ‘  well made my head swell a little and happy that at least we’re doing something right .

Usually, most people are terribly rude and just push past you or take the widest birth to get around you, trust me buggy’s do not take up that much room and if we do we at least try and make the space for you, you do not have to walk out into the road ( sorry going to stop here before I break out into a rant ) anyway I’ve had a few people say what nice children we have from family to the nursery xxx

Mind you I did manage to find my wall had been done in spectacular fashion again and when confronted said the artist’s only defence I was presented was ‘it was my onnie ( little wookie’s version of her brother’s name ) I’m sure as it was done to a height that he couldn’t have reached,  a good old fashioned scrub and some well placed french word’s (they definitely weren’t English or should be muttered in polite society lol) later it looked normal again.

Oh well, tis Saturday night which means one thing time for a well-earned brew and some peace for me  ( for now ) and bro-down for the Mr on twitch.


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