A hairdresser I ain’t

The one thing I was alway’s scared of when I became a mummy was not the thing of having a daughter as I do have some girliness tucked away under the surface but the fact that I have to do her hair on a daily basis, having long hair for a surmountable length of time and my life my hair was the one thing that was not ever a thing I could do, the standard ponytail was my best friend , friend’s and family were the ones that used to pull and twist my hair in way’s that I could never do myself .

So this morning I felt a little accomplishment and turned out pretty well, I have seen plenty of youtube videos and things on facebook of how to do hair for little girl’s and thought I would give it a go so hopefully not a bad attempt ( if I say so myself ) could have been a little more refined but as many of you mummy’s know toddler’s lose a lot of their ties at school or at least mine does lol .

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