My horse had no giddy up

Today was the day of the Grand national the most prestigious and anticipated race of the social calendar or for some a horrible show of animal cruelty but that is a debate I shall touch upon another time as it is a tradition in our household set down by our grandad’s and grandma’s as they alway’s made us put a bet on a horse whether it was 50p-£1 and it was a just a little fun as they would choose the horse based on what colour we were wearing that day or a particular name tickled their fancy (especially when my dad picked them ).

Well, today it was our kid’s turn to choose and out of the 10 we had picked none of our’s had come in, or none of mine anyway 😦 oh well there is alway’s next year but it was a little bit of fun for the kid’s to watch their horses and find the one they had picked and cheered them on .

Other than that they are now tucked up in bed after playing with their cousin’s and if anyone knows my two this is a big thing as they adore their cousin’s and usually it’s the only thing I hear for day’s on end ( just have to survive for two week’s -blooming holidays)

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