Craft…. ability

Just about this mummy has been rediscovering her ability to craft something out of nothing being a leader for a few years now ( 13) you would think working with kids that crafts would play a big role in what we do but truth be told that skill set or mastery hasn’t been brought home

Recently me and little wookie have found a box of plasticine / modelling clay which mummy and daddy forget we had ( purchased last birthday) and setting aside an hour or two to learn some skills and make some new things

Feeling a little Garfield

Well normally everyone hates that Monday feeling but today was a doosey starting at the beautiful hour of 5 am courtesy of little ewok screaming down the house for god knows how long and what for so my ideal punishment was making him watch the Royal wedding! According to a source it shouldn’t be the best course but the way I was feeling not even coffee would or could scratch the surface.

Which leads to little wookie finally gracing out of bed and showing signs of maybe should of stayed there as has joined the grizzle parade causing mommy to increase the volume, my ultimate goal was to get her to the doctors today to see what they would recommend only to be told what I’ve been told every other time keep doing what we’re doing even though her eczema is getting to the point of bleeding and weeping because of the scratching.

Queue an angry and irate mommy of being told they don’t have the medicine in and walking the blocks to get to the top of a large steep hill to get the creams and go home before it decides it wants to rain or not! All the while little ewok is tired and grumpy and refusing to sleep even though he could do with a nap and is normally pretty good but today just weren’t having it, think it was down to teething or a combination of something else other way hes medded up and hopefully gonna sleep soundly tonight ( fingers crossed).

Also this mummy’s trousers and cardigan was ruined once by a daughter not quite concentrating and making my leg feel warm and the other by a bird who felt my arm was good enough to relieve itself on ( some say its lucky) I say that bird is lucky it got away with its life! Other than that I got some time to chill last night or so I thought as bum touched the bottom of the bath only to have one of those creepy slow door opening moments to reveal little wookie got out of bed and decided to help mommy get washed x

Here’s hoping today is better

Q and A with the author

Its that time…. I did a little 20 questions about me at the beginning of the blog but im opening the channel for my readers to ask me questions (within reason and clean ) on motherhood or a topic of their choosing and I shall answer to the best of my ability and who knows you may be rewarded with a video of me dancing like a crazy lady ( I shall not try not to injure myself …as i have done in the past) or something along those lines

What a bunch of weeks

Well where can I start first of all let me apologise for not posting for a while lots of stuff has been happening in the Wookie household , we’ve been in the throws of potty training with Little Wookie and has had two full morning’s in nursery with knickers ( one or two accidents but no expectation of perfection right away ) ! no pullups  as for little ewok he has gotten this walking business down to an art now, full lengths of the living room to the kitchen and back again though gave momma a heartache today and managed to climb the full breadth of steep stairs we have in our house ( queue the heavy-breathing)

As for us adults well weve been plodding along with work and general household chores, im scared we can actually see our carpet again ….forgotten what it looked like underneath all the toys and chaos , and well what can i say about the weather that hasnt all ready been said it was gorgeous and lots of playing out in the garden was needed also the countdown to my birthday has begun though its not a big one this year im in two minds about it and am I looking forward to it or not though a new pair of shoes may just have swayed me a little ( thankyou mama x ) , also this week is leading to the big royal wedding (which im recording …..i need to see if camilla has shined her bridal or not

Tonight’s blog is sponsored by my hubby’s stream and my playlist on youtube so if it seems a little disjointed im trying to talk to him or not to boogey too hard Lol

Well im sure that hasnt covered everything but i dont wanna be seen as repeating again so ill try to keep it fresh for the next installment thankyou for your patience x catch ya guys in a bit

May the fourth

As its officially star wars day!! I m starting a tradition with my children slowly but surely where they have seen or had it on in the background at least one of the films

Eventually when they are grown and can appreciate a little more the pure nostalgia and genius that is these classics then yes mummy will break out the snacks and popcorn and go for the full marathon right into revenge of the fifth day! X

Until then they just enjoy the pretty lights and occasional bang flash and crash that in happening on their tv screen x

Funky fresh

I have had people say that my blog has been a little repetitive of late i need ideas and ways to keep the content a flowing and finding ways to do so are proving to be an adventure to find out how far the rabbit hole goes into the blogging world

Yes I can continue with the fun and interesting things that happen but if there is any questions you would like to pose or content you would like to see my try and attempt then I shall do so x

Leave a comment or If you prefer I can start a poll or survey to get your opinions x






80th post !!!! short and sweet

OMG no way I did it I managed to reach this far considering I didnt know what I would be blogging about or even if it would be received as well as it has or to go as far as having the guts to try , and again the ovewhelming support and continuation of people choosing to read my musings along with their cups of tea or coffee is astounding .

Here is to the next 10 if technology and musings will comtinue will allow me to do so