Not an april fool’s joke revisited

Well dont let it ever be said that im not a woman of my word 31 years (nearly as its coming up to my birthday) in the making that those who have known me or getting to know have not ever seen me or know of me having short hair !

Since an age ive had long hair and well this is the time to let it go , as stated on my bucket list and my dads old philosophy of you only get one life and no if’s or but’s if you gonna do it do it ! dont live with should I ?

And the result is thus see picture above :

Ive had very mixed reviews about it thankfully leaning towards the positive more than anything, and we shall see how we get on as is a big change for me x

Auntie day’s -reflections x

Recently I’ve been picking up my nephew from nursery after picking up little wookie and it’s been an adventure but also the best time as there is no better thing than to spend time with your nieces and nephew’s ..yes i have been guilty once or twice of sitting there on my phone instead of paying attention but the best day’s happened to me when I found out I was to become an aunt not once but 3 times xx

These little people literally took my world and flipped it upside down , and a love that could rival that of my own children, they make me laugh and swell with pride just with the people they are becoming , there have been many an trip and ride ….mainly involving just rides like carnival merry-go-rounds and rollercoasters (which this auntie is terrified of ) and something that plagues most people my camera phone is full !

All 1200 of them and all of them featuring them in some shape of form , an giggly smiley albeit sometimes toothless smile or some food that has managed to miss their mouth and form a jokeresque smile around it , learning to walk ( with aunties help ) trying to fish in nanny’s and grandad’s pond or just a adorable selfie that has come to perch on my bedside table x

how have you spent your auntie days , and may they be filled with love and adventures that last x

Let the sunshine in x

Today’s been a glorious day beautiful sunshine which being a ginger/red head I am going to regret ( I don’t tan… I burn) other than that it actually allowed me to do a rare thing and use my washing line!! Which was starting to feel a little rejected due to all the snow we have been having lately and finally got to get the lawn mower out the one thing we dread as any of my close friends and relatives know wookie and I have a large garden….. I mean it’s pretty long and mowing that bugger is not the most fun especially as I found today in this heat 🔥 mind you little wookie and little ewok got to be out in the sun today and we’re much to this mom’s delight we’re good as gold 🥇 while mommy cut the grass x as any mom knows to toddlers it can be tricky or actually with any child especially as they want your attention or have done something or been somewhere they shouldn’t.

Other than this here is hoping to many more nice days and can enjoy it


The pursuit of happyness

This blogger would like nothing more than to do this till the sheeps come home, sometimes when you find that niche and the thing that you enjoy doing the most , but the fear of making or turning to the darkside and having this blog turn into something I dont want a commercial nightmare and annoy the people I’ve come to appreciate but to make a living from it would be ideal and help improve our lives or to have to completetly give it up for doing an job I cannot stand or have to do because of convienience.

But what to do , how do I go about this route and try and make this into something I can pursue and improve I’ve been reading other people’s stories and how they’ve gone about it and would like to try but is the sacrifice worth it and should I try?

Living with a gamer part 2 (the follow up)

This post is mainly for the twitcher’s that follow my hubby’s channel as they’ve recently started reading my stuff ( thanks to hubby showing support on his streams ) I done a post about being with a gamer when I started up this blog about post no. 19 to be exact, on how it was to live with a gamer and there habits x

So onwards to the topic at hand I am first and foremost very proud of what my hubby has achieved from our last post , to some I know it wont mean much but he made affilitate ( confetti) and has started gaining more viewers and followers , and from what he used to have a very basic streaming set up , has now progressed to more elaborate and exciting streaming abilities , every tuesday he and hetero life partner (his words not mine x ) have started doing a co-op stream ranging from classic gaming to cheesey couple of pence games on steam, to the ones we know like PUBG and battlefield 4

Its nice to feel included and be able to join in from time to time and chat to the people who follows him or generally just asking for advice, yes a downside is some people see it takes away from our relationship we have always stated ours is not a conventional relationship its a one of those it shouldn’t work but it does jobs x .

There are ways I should adhere to living with a gamer but havent gotten round to yet

and will rectify when I have the oppurtunity such as

  • Making sure the fridge is stocked with appropriate beverages and snacks fit for gaming lengths ranging from a couple of hours to all night
  • A space ie a man cave or area designated just for him and a home for all the cables !
  • Love and support -which ive pretty much got covered anyway

And anything else he needs for his gaming practices or adventures but time and money will tell x


Not an april’s fool joke

Ive been debating for some time now to go to the darkside and join the short hair community as those that have known me I have had long hair for an majority of my life , it wasnt till the age of 21 I decided to go shoulder length as previously id had long enough hair that I could sit on , and Im forever wondering if it would be the best decision or the worst decision I will make so Im leaving it open to debate whether to go through with it ?


This would be the look I want to achieve I wish I could post a picture of what my length is like now but I cant find a decent picture of me that doesnt have my hair in a ponytail or a mum bun all messy like and just stuck up lol .

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below x


Easter Sunday

Started off your usual typical easter way with the consumption of the first choccie eggs for breakfast ( not the whole thing !) even though little ewok did think 6.30am was an acceptable time to wake up this morning, we did spread it out over the day and they still have some left ! a thing unheard of in this house well to say the kids faces were happy was an understatement , good job mummy and daddy XD

The rest of the day was fairly simple , mummy’s original plan was to have an egg hunt in the garden but weather being as shite as has it been decided that wasnt the best option and will save for next time , mainly we found plenty of movies to entertain and lots of playing games we had facetime with grandma and told her what our plans were , then nanny came round and spent some time with us and joined for lunch and more choccie for the kids much to their delight and brought some cool gifts from her trip x

Most of the day was spent chilling out and doing bits and pieces around the house , both little wookie and ewok are now snuggling down for the night in their brand new pj’s ( thankyou nanny x ) and looking forward to finishing the rest of the chocolate that mummy had to put up high and out of the way ….you try telling two toddlers they cant have chocolate all day everyday !

Hope your day was filled with eggcitement( yes i know it was there and I went for it …so sue me ) and happiness x