The dad segment/father’s day

All the while I’ve been posting from an mothers perspective and breaking down the curtain of my tawdry details …..I was hoping to elaborate or open the door on the men that support us and shed some light on their takes on being daddy some of the highlight’s some of the lowlight’s but I shall instead allow them to continue in the adventures and making memories and smiles with their loved ones xxx  and just take the time to show some appreciation for the fathers out there who do/ would do everything for their kids and for the father’s who are yet to be and the dad’s who stepped in and took on the responsibilty of someone else’s x

I salute you gentleman !!!

For this morning though we treated daddy to a bacon sandwich with help from mummy x for presents the kid’s chose a papa bear keychain and some grizzly socks ( they call me mama bear on account I have a tatty teddy dressing gown with ears and a face to use to rarr at the little uns ) so Little wookie’s thinking was we should get these for daddy off we go to find some card’s and Lo behold the one she picks out has a dinosaur on it , we took a little time seeing anything else but couldnt find much , managed to walk a fair way down the street when Little wookie stops all of a sudden and says mummy ! daddy’s shop meaning GAME (bless her ) so we take a wander to see what else we could find and at first she picks up an xbox game , well i told her daddy wouldnt like that so mummy finds some voucher’s to which we find the appropriate one and she totters off to the till x to go and pay pennies to which mummy brings up the rear and pays the gentleman pennies and says ‘ TA’ off we totter home.

Unfortunately daddy had to go to work today  😦 but we did some housework with nanny and managed to visit grandad today and put some lovely flowers on for him x and we cooked a nice tea for daddy before being too tired and settling down for the night xx hope you have had a good day sweetheart despite working me and the kids love you x

Hope you spoilt the men in your life today x


Sense and a mummy down

Today has been a day of pride and happiness with our little wookie completing a mini sponsored event so much she even earned an medal and the smile on her face was one of sheer pride and happiness x

As for mummy well I’ve had the migraine from hell, no matter what I did my head pounded to the point it was making me sick and have had a day of rest and lots of medicine thank you hubby for allowing me to get some sleep to help x and making me cups of tea and little wookie allowing me some of her gingerbread to cheer me up x

The land of pure imagination

No, unfortunately this is not a blog aimed at gene wilder’s Willy Wonka even though that is a pretty awesome subject to blog about and even dare you to not start singing the song from the film , this piece is aimed at exploring the mind’s and world of our small ones, lately our little ones have been exploring toys out of the norm of their stereotypes of gender , example little ewok occasionally enjoys pushing around the pink buggy and little wookie loves dinosaur’s and all manor of dragon’s and knight’s x

And its a joy to see the excitement they bring to their faces and to see if they have mummy’s approval of can I play with this mum ? and trying to get you to play along and interact in their games x what does your playtime consist of, are there any favourites you have?

Culinary help

I am no Swedish chef or French or any type of culinary master I can just about get the right colour of toast (just ask hubby) but lately our little wookie is being a fuss pot of epic proportion when it comes to tea time mummy’s choice of sausage sandwiches with her favourite dip dip (ketchup) and cheese got pushed to one side tonight and with a turn up of her nose left it at that….. No dessert/yogurt for afters at wits most nights as the guilt of going hungry looms over.

If any mummy’s are or have gone through this phase of fussy toddler’/s then please by all means share your recipes or suggestions below x

Only way to travel is by hat

Here I am bound on a train to romford for work related stuff and to say I’m anxious is an understatement I’ve had my bacon sandwich and cuppa courtesy of hubby xx and some rescue remedy but boy do I hate to travel, not only people to contend with but travel sickness aswell side note tis my mommas birthday today xx so happy birthday momma x

Despite a decent nights sleep still feeling pretty rubbish but no rest for the wicked onwards and upwards just a quick blog today shall follow up later hope yall are having an ace day

Weight gain…. To weight Where’s it gone?

Ive always maintained a decent figure upon my being but lately I have found that the pounds I used to have floating around my midriff have disappeared even before children I used to be a cushty size 16 down to a 14 easing my way down to 12 after having little wookie a acceptable 10 (we were going to a wedding ) to much my surprise another wedding some years later and we have stopped at a size 8!! now I know some dresses and articles of clothing depending on where you purchase them from can vary and depending on the cut of the fabric can be different elsewhere but this blogger was pleasantly surprised nay gobsmacked !!! that my body managed to fit in the darn thing in the first place .

For a saving of my bacon I didnt take any photos of me in said dress as would cause more people to hate me or call me names some in french I cant pronounce or type because of some of my readers ( otherwise i shall start putting a rating on these things ) but I have found one or two of me previously just to give a scope of how I used to be

A couple of examples every other one I had I was quite clever and managed to be sitting down or had something strategically placed in front of my stomach LOL so the one on the left is me and my cousin’s amazing wife from america Karyn x at newmarket races and the one on the right is the night of my hen do x , we were sexy pirates the only other ones I have are ones of my wedding day and I shall save those for another post for another day .

Is it better being smaller or is the stigma too much these days to be a certain size and shape and should mummy shaming continue ?

Birthday shenanigans

Well today is this bloggers birthday and what a day I’ve had with my family xxx been thoroughly looked after and Spoiled with a nice picnic on the beach cups of tea x being serenaded by our children and a wonderful tea cooked by hubby followed by some games with the guys x some awesome presents by hubby and mum and mum in law

So in love with this x anyone who knows me knows I’ve always been a lady of size (16,14,12 and eventually got down to 10) after kids and the other day so shocked the hell out of me when a new summer dress turned out to be a size 8 and I fit in it quite comfortably!!! Hmm oh well I shall continue to enjoy the rest of my day just wanted to pop by with this quick blog and hope you are all enjoying the half term xx